Here's a few artist we've had the pleasure to work with

Steve Helms Band

Steve Helms Band

What does the University of Texas, Lone Star Park and the Texas Rangers have in common? The Steve Helms Band and the hit single Nowhere But Texas. This new found Texas anthem can be heard playing loud and proud at all UT sporting events, at ball games for both the Texas Rangers and the Fort Worth Cats ball clubs and at the Lone Star Park horse races
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Austin Allsup

Since his 2008 arrival onto the Red Dirt Music Scene, Texas native Austin Allsup has become a sound of his own accord.

Traveling up and down the nations highways Austin has more than met quota for his share of self determination. He started to build his fan base one show at a time. With that attitude in mind, Austin has now had the opportunity to share the stage with artists from all over the musical spectrum, such as John Mellencamp , Joe Ely, Mike McClure, LeAnn Womack, Jason Aldean, Jason Boland, Stoney Larue, Blake Shelton, Cody Canada, Randy Rogers, and many more. Austin has just released his newest record 

This Weary Land Download the Album today.

Mike McClure

You can find McClure tucked into the basement of a stately 30's farmhouse brilliantly bizarre recording studio known as the BOOHATCH Studio, a cross between a rock and roll man cave and a psychedelic antique mall that comes with a petting zoo on the side.

McClure got his start in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and would hang out and play music at the notorious "Farm" with other Red Dirt artists such as Bob Childers, Tom Skinner, and Scott Evans. After forming The Great Divide with J.J. Lester, Scotte Lester, and Kelley Green in 1992 and contributing to six studio albums and one live two-part album, McClure set out to do his own thing. In 2002, while still a member of The Great Divide, he released Twelve Pieces, his first solo album.  In 2004, The Mike McClure Band released their first album Everything Upside Down, a hard-hitting rock album.  As a songwriter and producer, McClure has collaborated with many other Red Dirt artists. He has become the permanent producer for Cross Canadian Ragweed. Usually contributing also as a songwriter, he has produced five of their seven studio albums. McClure has also produced albums by other artists around the scene such as Stoney LaRue, Jason Boland & the Stragglers, Scott Copeland, Johnny Cooper, Austin Allsup, Whiskey Myers, and the Turnpike Troubadours.

Johnny Cooper

The front man of the band that bears his name, Cooper already has reached dual-threat status: he has rare talent that has earned him critical acclaim for his recordings and live shows, and he performs with an energy that captivates audiences in venues of all sizes. That he has grown so successful Cooper already has sold more than 50,000 albums so quickly is hardly surprising, considering he is thriving in the environment in which he was raised. With a mother who was a dance choreographer and a father who owned nightclubs and wrote songs with him, Cooper has been around entertainers throughout his life, and now features a sound that draws on his enormous range of musical influences a list that includes pop, classic rock, R&B, hip-hop and country. 

Cooper's focus is on what he enjoys most: creating and performing his unique brand of music that features often-requested signature songs like "Texas to You" and Crazy", drawing comparisons to an array of artists, from John Mayer to Maroon 5. "Go big or go home," Cooper says. "My whole thing is that I want to keep writing music and writing different kinds of music, writing stuff that appeals to more people, not just one type of people. As long as you surround yourself with creative people -and I have done that- l continue to write more music...and better music."

Brent Giddens

Brent Giddens has always had a passion for music: instrumentally and vocally. From the age of six, Brent was singing John Denver, Kenny Rogers, to Glen Campbell. In addition to vocals, Brent has played a wide range of instruments including the guitar and harmonica. With the diversity of instrument experience, this gives Brent a wide range of styles and patterns to pull from while writing, performing, and composing songs. Passion and creativity is what drives him to compose and write.            

In addition to Brent's original songs, the band plays a wide variety of cover songs from multiple genres. Country, Southern Rock, Rockabilly, and some Blues.